St. Elias The Prophet church. Ukrainian architectural wooden jewel

Two years and 7 million dollars later St. Elias The Profit Church on Heritage Road is up and as beautiful as before. On April 5, 2014 the wooden church burnt down in a horrific accident. Two years later it opened its doors to parishioners.

About St. Elias Architecture

Steeped in the Byzantine Ukrainian tradition of wooden architecture St.Elias has been constructed according to an architectural style known as “Boyko”, derived from western Ukraine. The cupolas on the church of St. Elias are in the 17th century Cossack style. It is one of the only two Boyko churches that have five cupolas rather than the usual three (the other one is St. George’s in Drohobych, Ukraine.

The original temple was a labour of love that served the parish for 20 years.
Perhaps the most traumatic incident in our story is the tragic fire of April 5, 2014. It was a most unfortunate accident. The fact that the church was of wood certainly was a factor, but only in that it was totally consumed by flames with only the charred columns remaining. Expressions of grief and support were received from around the world. The insurance will cover most of the reconstruction, but the beautiful interior, with its magnificent iconography, will have to be replaced over time. Fortunately, the response from friends is already making this possible…

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