Cheltenham Badlands. Red landscape 400 million years old.

This distinctive and seemingly dead landscape in Caledon badlands was formed at the bottom of an ancient sea more than 400 million years ago.

This landscape is a natural site and it is one of the most visited natural attractions in southern Ontario.

How was this Caledon badlands created?

The rock in the area is made up of iron-rich shale. It is over 445 million years old. Intensive grazing has destroyed vegetation and eroded the soil. The shale has been exposed, creating a unique red landscape.
The red colour of the land is due to iron oxide

The natural site is located on the southeast side of Old Base Line Road, between Creditview and Chinguacousy roads, west of Highway 10 in Caledon.
The formation is located along the Niagara Escarpment.

Attention! Roadside parking
is NO LONGER permitted on the east side of Creditview Road.
The parking lot is only open during operating hours and parking is limited to 2 hours maximum.
Parking rate: $6.50 per hour or $10 for two hours (cost per vehicle)
Please pay at the pay station.

Cheltenham Badlands is owned by the Ontario Heritage Trust in Caledon (near Terra Cotta) and is now accessible only under the rules applicable to reserves.