Georgetown Memorial Arena was built in 1922 and the famous hockey players of Halton Hills

Georgetown Memorial Arena is gone now but did you know that it was built in 1922 to replace to replace the natural skating rink – the Wilber Lake that once covered the area.
Park Avenue apartments and Carpet Barn currently stand there.
Hockey became a popular sport and when the Wilber Lake was drained Georgetownians need replacement. The new rink was first an outdoor facility but the members of Orion Lodge, known as Odd Fellows, decided to build new office space and an arena. And so in 1922, the Old Arena was built for $27,000! All the lumber came from local lumberyards and bricks were from Logan Brickyards at Terra Cotta.

The original ice surface measured 175 x 74 feet and was made of sand. Water was poured over the top of the sand and left to freeze. There was seating for 2,700 people, on wooden benches.
The top floor featured a lodge room, banquet hall and brand new kitchen with all the modern conveniences. This floor was steam heated.

The informal opening of the arena took place on January 16, 1923 with a hockey game between Georgetown and Brampton.
We don’t know who won but if you do, let us know.
The arena was the birth place of the Little NHL established in 1936 by Gordon Alcott.

The famous hockey players of Halton Hills:

Arthur Moore of Acton (August 25, 1880 – 1935) won four Stanley Cups in a row with the legendary Ottawa Silver Seven from 1903 to 1906.

Robert “Golden Boy” Goldham of Georgetown ( May 12, 1922 – September 6, 1991) During his NHL career, he played 650 NHL games and scored 171 points as a defenseman. He won the Stanley Cup with the Maple Leafs in 1942 and 1947, and three Cup wins with the Detroit Red Wings in 1952, 1954 and 1955. He also played in five NHL All-Star Games.

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