Fly the flag for Canada
Our home and native land

In 2017, Halton Hills was declared the most patriotic town. We did it! We proudly showed our love for our country when our homes and businesses turned red and white to celebrate the 150 Anniversary of Canada. Sadly, over the past few years, with the Covid restrictions and the 2021 “cancellation” of Canada Day, official celebrations of Canadian pride were painfully reduced in size and visibility.

Turns out that cancellations of Canada Day didn’t reflect how most Canadians felt at the time. This Postmedia-Leger poll from 2021 found that only 14 per cent believed that celebrations should be cancelled (see page 13), AND 69% of people would have liked to see the Canadian flag displayed in more places in Canada (page 12).

Let’s show our love for Canada. Let’s proudly fly the flag!