Terra Cotta Trails at the Conservation Area est. 1958

The summer cottages led Rod Clancy to create a summer park, which eventually became the Terra Cotta Conservation Area in 1958.
This highly successful attraction is still operated today by the Credit Valley Conservation Authority.
History of Terra Cotta villages is here:

There are several interesting trails:

McGregor Spring / 1km
Vaughan Trail / 1.6km
Terra Cotta Lane / 2km
Wetland Trail / 0.4km
A.F.Coventry Trail / 1.5km
Escarpment Trail / 0.4km
Forest Meadow Lane / 0.8km
Grayden Trail / 2.6km
Forest Meadow Loop / 0.9km

Vaughan and McGregor Spring / 3.9km
Terra Cotta Lane and McGregor Spring Pond / 2.9km
A.F.Coventry, Greydon and Terra Cotta Lane Trail / 4.2km
Bruce Trails: 10th Line to Heritage Road / 5.3km

Terra Cotta Trails Map
Terra Cotta Trails Map