The original name of the Credit river was as Missinnihe, the trusting creek

Have you ever thought about where did Credit River get its name? The name comes from the time when the Mississauga First Nations people that lived in this area traded fur with the French traders. The traders would supply goods for the native people in advance (on credit) against furs that would be supplied next spring.

The river was called the Rivière au Crédit and the main trading post was (who would guess?!) in Port Credit. In case you wonder, the original name of the river was as Missinnihe, the “trusting creek”.

Interesting facts

The Credit River and its streams are over 1500km long. This is a large and important ecosystem west of Toronto where the perceptive nature lover will find:
1330 species of plants, 64 fish species, 41 species of mammals, 5 species of turtles, 8 snake species, 17 amphibian species, and 244 species of birds.