Georgetown railway station has been operating since 1855

The railway station was designed by Grand Trunk Railway Montreal (GTR) chief engineer Francis Thompson. It was built between 1855 and 1856 by the Grand Trunk Railway, Casimir Gzowski.

The opening of the Grand Trunk railroad through Georgetown greatly added to the prosperity of the place.

It was gradually expanded and modified in 1892 and 1904.

CN Railway, VIA Railway, GO Transit

In 1923, it became the Canadian National Railway and later became the VIA Railway. GO Transit service began in 1978.
The station once had a water tower for steam trains. Today it is a single-storey, stone, railroad station with a corner tower.

The two main lines are jointly used by Canadian National, Via Rail, Goderich-Exeter and GO Transit.

Georgetown GO Station 2016
Georgetown GO Station 2016

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Address: 55 Queen Street, Georgetown, Ontario, L7G, Kanada