Ghost of Jimmy still protects the Acton Town Hall

Beautifully restored Acton Town Hall is a heritage showpiece of days gone by.
The historic site boasts modern amenities with antique charm and is the perfect place to hosts variety of events: weddings, anniversaries, workshops, bazaars, art shows, dances, theater performances and much more.

Story of Jimmy – the Acton Town Hall ghost

Rumour has it that Jimmy, the former town hall caretaker, woke up one night in a haze to the smell of smoke and realized that the building was on fire. He quickly determined that the source of the fire was one of the pot-belled stoves in the auditorium. Jimmy formed a one man bucket brigade, running downstairs to obtain buckets of water and ran upstairs to pull the bell tower, alerting the Town of the fire. To this day, it is believed that Jimmy still protects the Hall and those that occupy its space.

The Town Hall hosts many events, including the popular Speaker Series and Christmas Market. Make sure to visit and when you do, check out the Acton Town Hall jail!

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