Georgetown’s Old Seed House Garden and Dominion Seed House

The Old Seed House Garden is a 1.8 acre civic garden honouring the legacy of the Dominion Seed House in Georgetown, Ontario.
A haven for people and wildlife, it features formal gardens, meandering pathways, a dry stone riverbed leading to a naturalized pond, and a sunken garden where the foundations of the famous mock-Tudor Dominion Seed House building once stood.

Short history of Dominion Seed House.
Dominion Seed House was a legendary company in Georgetown. Founded by William Bradley in 1928, it became known across Canada as the largest mail-order seed and plant store. The company sold seeds, cuttings and bulbs of flowers and vegetables.

After William Bradley’s death in November 1953, his daughter Margaret Bradley Harding became president of the company.
The company was sold in 1993, and the older building was demolished in 1999.

History of the Old Seed House Garden.
In 1993 Margaret Harding sold Dominion Seed House to W. H. Perron. Although operations came to an end in Georgetown, to this day Perron carries on the Dominion Seed House business and in a nod to tradition, the postal address remains in Georgetown. Many people in the surrounding area were saddened by the departure of such a big part of local history. The landmark mock-Tudor building remained on the Harding property and was leased to a nursery operator.
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Today it is home to the most beautiful park in Georgetown. Here you will find many trees, shrubs and plants, most of which are described by both English and Latin names. The park is spread around a small pond. There is a playground next to the park.