Furnace Room Brewery. After 100 years a brewery opens in Georgetown

It’s been one hundred years since Brain’s Brewery in Hornby closed its doors due to prohibition. Brain's was the only brewery in Halton Hills and supplied the entire area of what is now Halton Hills with beer. 100 years later, on December 14, 2018, the Furnace Room Brewery opened its doors to the public.

FRB offers four signature beers: Chicken Man Pale Ale, Wright House Red Ale, The Dynamo Cream Lager and The Beardmore Lager.

After years of brewing and experimenting with making beer, taking courses, reading everything about the beer they could get their hands on Jeff Sandifer and Mike Glockner have gotten pretty good at brewing. With the proof of the quality of their product in the form of the awards they were receiving from entering competitions, a dream of starting their own craft brewery started to form.

As Jeff says, our wives heard us talking so much about this project; they finally said; “Why don’t you do something about it? I don’t want you looking back years from now with regret that you never actually went after realizing your dream”. And with that encouragement, they determined to make their dream a reality and share their passion for making outstanding beer with the whole community.

The Brew-masters have decided on the four core products they will start with, and also plan to have a special brew for each season, as well as special batches for key events. They believe it is important for craft breweries to have strong ties to the community and look forward to partnering with many local organizations and businesses in the months and years ahead.

What’s with the names you ask?

The name of each beer has a historical significance to Halton Hills. The Chicken Man, for example, was a figure known in Georgetown. A gentleman riding on his bike with his chicken was often seen by locals.

The Dynamo refers to the Barber Mill dynamo, a first dynamo in North America to supply energy to a grist mill. Its ruins still stand on the banks of the Credit River. Read our article about the Barber Mill Dynamo and see the photos.  

Beardmore Kolsh refers to the Beardmore tannery in Acton, which at the time was the largest tannery in the British Empire.

And Wright House Red Ale… well, do you remember the old hotel/house right by the Go Train Station? That was the Wright House – famous Georgetown establishment that saw many travellers enjoying a beer after a long journey. The Furnace Room Brewery is located on the other side of the parking lot and hopes to continue in that tradition.

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